Vacation Villa and Home Rentals

Rent a villa for your next vacation or holiday and discover the unique experience that millions of people have already enjoyed. Villa and home rentals are quickly becoming a viable alternative to the normal hotel stay. Most villa rental include a private pool, kitchen and complete privacy for your family and friends. Save money by preparing your own meals or hiring a private chef to prepare meals using fresh local ingredients. Daily maid service is also available at most rentals.

Luxury or Economical - You Decide!


The question of which level of comfort to select is in your hands. While luxury villas are the most popular type of rentals, there are many other choices as well including 3 and 4 star properties. There are also multi-unit villas which are large homes that have been divided into individual apartments. Each apartment includes a kitchen, living area, bedrooms and bathrooms. The outdoor area like the swimming pool is shared with all the guests. This is a great alternative for a couple or small group to experience a villa rental without the cost of a private villa.

The Villa Experience


Vacationing in a villa is a unique experience that your can't get with any typical hotel stay. Many villas are very old historic buildings that have been updated with the latest amenities while preserving the historic feel and look of the property. Located near cities and towns in the area, visiting local places off the beaten path becomes an easy drive rather than a hassle. Most people that have rented a villa plan to rent again in the future, this is testimony to the villa experience that no words can describe.

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